Our Services

At little Rodgebrook Farm we offer a range of livery services. We ensure the highest level of care and attention to ensure your horse is keep healthy, fit, happy and injury free. We use the same management of your horse as we do of our own competition horses. Spaces are limited so as to ensure every horse has its own space while with us. To keep horses in a settled routine we do not offer DIY or part livery.

Full Livery
Your horse will be treated as one of ours with their every need taken care of. They will be exercised by Robert or Lyn to keep them fit and ready for you to ride when you want. We will fit in around your requirements just let us know when you want to ride. Packages to suit all needs.

Holiday Care
Horses and ponies can be cared for whilst you are away leaving you free to enjoy your holiday.Packages to suit all needs, from just turnout to exercising daily.

We can take your horse for box rest, rehabilitation, bring back into work after time off etc. Any vet or farrier welcome to attend your horses needs.

All horses are bedded on straw ( shavings extra) and are fed good quality hay or haylage and usual hard food. Any special feeding requirements or supplements must be provided by owner. Mucking out, grooming, tack cleaning, mane and tail trimming, rug changing, arranging and handling for farrier or vet are all inclusive. Vet fees, farrier fees, clipping and wormers are not included. Please remember all horses are different and some may require extra care and this may result in extra time and cost.